Telemundo Internacional premieres the remake of “CAFÉ CON AROMA DE MUJER”


Starting this Monday, January 9, in more than 22 Latin American countries, the story created in 1994 by renowned Colombian writer and screenwriter Fernando Gaitán (1960-2019), the stars of this adaptation will conquer audiences with this unforgettable love story.

The actor William Levy, actresses Laura Londoño and Carmen Villalobos are the protagonists.

Telemundo Internacional premieres the remake of the famous telenovela “Café con Aroma de Mujer”. This unforgettable impossible love story between La Gaviota, a humble coffee picker, and Sebastián, an heir to the coffee aristocracy. The Latin American pay TV audience will enjoy this great exclusive production.

William Levy (Sebastián Vallejo), Laura Londoño (Teresa Suárez “La Gaviota”) and Carmen Villalobos (Lucía Sanclemente de Vallejo) are ready to captivate with their complex relationship, during a family dispute over land and a conflict over love it cannot be.

The channel anticipates 5 reasons why the audience will connect:

  1. Stories that pass from generation to generation. Along with “Pasión de Gavilanes”, the great success of “Café con Aroma de Mujer” confirms the great return of stories that marked an entire generation.
  2. Its protagonists. The love between Sebastián, played by Cuban actor William Levy, and Teresa, ‘Gaviota’, played by Laura Londoño. The chemistry between the two and their great physical attractions are key factors, as well as Carmen Villalobos gives life to Lucía Sanclemente, the protagonist’s wife and the villain that everyone loves to hate.
  3. An impossible love. The utopian love between Sebastián and Gaviota. An impossible story between lovers with a lot of passion and intensity seasoned by family problems.
  4. Female empowerment. The protagonists play an essential role in promoting the conversation about equality. Gaviota is enterprising, intelligent, with the vocation of a businesswoman, independent and ambitious.
  5. The songs. The musicalization of the production and the songs that Gaviota sings while she collects the coffee harvest or while she has a drink in the town bar have been an essential part of the story. Laura Londoño interprets all the songs, just like the famous actress, Margarita Rosa de Francisco did in the original 1994 version, making everyone fall in love with her melodies.

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