Telemundo Premieres Turkish Drama ‘SECRETOS DE SANGRE’


The Turkish series on May 23 seeks to delight with the premiere for two hours starting at 9pm/8c with this story that, in Turkey in 2021 was a phenomenon and in several countries, it continues to captivate audiences.

THE STORY A fearless lawyer, Ceylin, and a respected prosecutor, Ilgaz, whose paths cross during a criminal investigation. When Ilgaz’s younger brother, Cinar, is accused of murdering a young woman, Ilgaz must put aside his strong convictions and ask Ceylin to defend him. Convinced of Cinar’s innocence, Ceylin and Ilgaz embark on a long journey in search of justice to solve the crime. Family secrets are exposed that test Ceylin and Ilgaz’s relationship, revealing an unforgettable love story that will leave audiences captivated from the very first episode.

STARRING Turkish stars Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, along with e Gül Erguvan (Zeyno Eracar), Laçin Tilmen (Nilgun Turksever), Şahver (Aysenil Samlioglu), Seda Gökmen (Nergis Ozturk) Merdan Kaya (Cezmi Baskin) and other famous talents.

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