Mexico. CINDIE and “Macabro” the International Film Festival of Horror


La llorona

A genre that captivates audiences worldwide.

The independent content platform in Latin America announced the selection of horror titles as part of the sponsorship of the Mexico City International Horror Film Festival (Macabro FICH), from August 17 to 27.

Among the films are ABRUPTIO (USA, 2023) – Performed by life-size puppets and with crimes that can survive. Directed by Evan Marlowe. MELTDOWN: A NUCLEAR FAMILY’S ASCENSION INTO MADNESS (USA, 2023) – EPISODE 13 (India, 2023). MACABRE. Some come exclusively to CINDIE BLACK BIRDS (Argentina, 2015), directed by Fercks Castellani. THE MANSION OF MADNESS (Mexico, 1976), directed by Juan López Moctezuma. RENDEZ-VOUS (Mexico, 2019), filmed in a single take without cuts and directed by Pablo Olmos Arrayales. THE HOUSE OF THE END OF TIME (Venezuela, 2013), directed by Alejandro Hidalgo. LA LLORONA (Mexico, 1933) is a recently restored and remastered classic of Mexican horror films, directed by Ramón Peón. Exclusively at CINDIE. I AM TOXIC (Argentina, 2019), directed by Pablo Parés LIGHT: FLOWER OF EVIL (Colombia, 2022), directed by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate. THE FUNERAL HOME (Argentina, 2021), directed by Mauro Iván Ojeda. IN THE WELL (Uruguay, 2019), the successful Uruguayan psychological thriller directed by Bernardo and Rafael Antonaccio. MALIGNO (Peru, 2016), directed by Paco Bardales and Martin Caspía Casanova. EL REZADOR (Ecuador, 2022), directed by Tito Jara, starring Andrés Crespo (Narcos). DAVID’S SECRET (Brazil, 2018), directed by Diego Freitas. AGNES (United States, 2021), directed by Mickey Reece among other titles of this popular horror genre.

CINDIE offers close to 800 hours of movies and series in its catalog in several languages for global audiences. The service is available through, the app CINDIE or with select distributors.

Macabre. It is the first and largest genre film festival in Mexico and one of the most iconic in Latin America. For 21 years it has been an exhibition space for contemporary horror cinema, as well as the rescue and revaluation of classic and cult cinema.

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