Ángel García Castillejo

Ángel García Castillejo, Director of Audiovisual Policies at RTVE said in the ninth edition of the 4K HDR held in Malaga extended in hybrid format until last November 16. “We will begin broadcasting in Ultra High Definition starting next February 7, 2024, thus beginning a new era: better image, sound and, therefore, better service.”

The event organized by Medina Media Events with the presence of the most important multinationals and associations in everything related to Ultra High Definition and the participation of more than 40 speakers from America, Europe and Asia was attended by personalities from the 4K world and 8K, as well as entities, companies and producers in the audiovisual and technological fields.

One of the important announcements was made by Spanish Public Radio Television (RTVE), which will begin broadcasting in Ultra High Definition starting on February 7, 2024. “We are starting a new era: the beginning of free-to-air broadcasts in Ultra High Definition: better image, sound and, therefore, better service,” said Ángel García Castillejo, Director of Audiovisual Policies, public and international service at RTVE.

Víctor Sánchez

“From the first day there will be maximum coverage and 100% of the population will be able to reach this channel” which “will be born simultaneously with the shutdown of the SD so that the migration of channels occurs on its own in a ‘Retuning’ García Castillejo said about a milestone in public television whose technical aspects have been explained by Víctor Sánchez, Director of Media and Operations at TVE.

“From an engineering point of view, it will be one of the great advances of the coming years, even superior to IP, since UHD will be able to be appreciated by the viewer,” said Sánchez, who predicts that “once the viewer “You get used to UHD, if you go back to HD you will see it blurry, just as it happened when you went from SD to HD.”

María Medina

At this point, María Medina, manager of Medina Media Events, along with the entire UHD Spain board present at the event, recognized RTVE for her work and its commitment to Ultra High Definition. An award received by Ángel García Castillejo, who took advantage of the occasion to highlight RTVE’s vocation for public service and transferred this recognition to the hundreds and thousands of people for their work on public television.

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