THE KITCHEN a key destination for American English dubbing


Ken Lorber. CEO The Kitchen

With headquarters in Miami and studios in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East for international linguistic services, it emphasizes the industry’s need for dubbing in American English.

“Contents that seek the powerful global market in which English is the global template find the preferred place in this company with more than 22 years as a leader in dubbing,” says Ken Lorber, President and CEO of The Kitchen.

With the emergence of FAST CHANNELS, SVOD, AVOD, etc., it has become a necessity to expand English-speaking services and the company led by Ken Lorber based in Miami has taken a key step to offer these services and promote content in a global market. “We have some of the most talented native English voice actors here in Miami. Many of our team have been with us for over two decades, others have grown with us as talent, while our casting department continues to bring in new and diverse American English voices of all ages.”

Security and Cybersecurity: a key point

English management teams have specialties such as animation, music, anime, novellas, live action, etc. Backed by the TPN Gold badge, The Kitchen emphasizes the security of its clients’ assets. “We take the issue of security and cybersecurity very seriously,” Lorber added, saying they have continued to expand their customer base annually due to their dedication to this important issue.

The studio has supported its clients in translation, adaptation and dubbing into English, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, French, German, Japanese, etc., for all programming formats and genres.

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